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March 22, 2016

Shave It Club


The people from Shave It Club sent me this goodie and omg, I fell in love with it at first sight. 
The packaging to begin with was really simple but y'all know, I like it that way AND THEIR RAZOR IS SO GOD DAMN SLEEK?! Idk, I immediately felt like a hippy Gentleman hahaha.

On top of how it looks and also, the comfortable grip.. They actually have an Aloe Gel agent that activates when it gets in contact with water on their razors. HOW WONDERFUL?! Bye bye, razor blade irritation and cuts. I have been using this for close to 2 weeks now and I am really really liking how smooth it glides on my skin without leaving any burns after that which I think is super important for a shaver. 

Shave It Club was sweet to give me a promo code for you guys so you all can key upon checking out for a $4 off your starter kit (U.P. $19.90)

They have three colours to choose from. Gold, Silver and Black. THE GOLD IS GORGEOUS.. But of course me being me, I chose the black because.


What are you waiting for!! For a shaver of this quality, I honestly think it's super worth the price!

October 15, 2015

The people of Bali.

Bali Island, Indonesia.

I've learned too much to put everything into words in this trip. The little stories behind every picture touched my heart so much, I feel so blessed. It saddens me how unfair life could be sometimes, I never understood why can't we all live on equal levels. I guess one man's trash is another's treasure and possibly one man's treasure.. could also be another's trash. I've learned to be contented with the smallest things, because it amazes me how the people here live such a simple yet happy life. I got so emotional looking through these pictures, I really wish the best for all of them, even those that I failed to capture x

I'll also try to upload other pictures I've snapped during my trip to Bali by this weekend, so do stay tuned!

October 5, 2015

DRx Clinic

believe most of you've had already heard of the famous DRx Clinic located in Orchard. It's a clinic that focuses on skin care, hair loss, facials etc. Many bloggers have been raving over how amazing their products and treatments are, so did my friends. 

I've always been that friend that rarely break out that's even with sleepless nights, trust me.. I am such a nocturnal person, I can go sleepless for 3 days straight. On days that I do break out, they're just really minor ones that disappear before a week. 

I didn't have the most perfect skin but for a guy, and if you were to compare to most of the other guys out there.. I would definitely say mine is pretty above average, a majority of my friends compliment me at times too.

Here are some recent photos before a disaster decided to happen.

Pretty decent, I would say. Although yes I would agree that they aren't of very high resolution but you can tell that I had close to zero marks, scars what so ever. I was a very happy boy, till one day when I woke up and looked into the mirror and..

Please brace yourself for some unpleasant skin.


this happened.



Yes of course this didn't happen overnight, I've had some breakouts before the haze out of a sudden and then the haze happen to drop by and it got a lot worse. But they were still acceptable, none of the other days were as bad as the pictures. 

I LITERALLY BROKE DOWN IN FRONT OF THE MIRROR AND TEXTED MY MOTHER RIGHT AWAY. Okay, I am aware that there are MANY other people out there with worse situations, cystic acne and so on.. But considering that I've always had clear skin, very minor breakouts and waking up the next day to this?! I totally freaked out and cried. I was extremely down for the entire day, I sent photos to my friends and they were SO shocked. Not to mention that the last 3 photos you saw were snapped 1  day after, when the inflammation, scars and pimples have already calmed down by almost 50%... Imagine how bad it was before? I literally had to spam aloe gel to calm down the redness, sigh.

I've heard about DRx Clinic number of times, on Instagram, Blog, Forums and even from a close friend of mine. I've always wanted to visit them even before this happened just to maintain my skin and clear up any possible imperfections. Then this shit happened and I was like OKAY, THAT'S IT... I AM GOING TO HEAD DOWN TOMORROW.

And so I did, being super kiasu I took a day off and ya lah I went down the moment their doors opened. I was there at 10am, I went up to the counter to fill up my particulars and then waited for 20mins before a very friendly Jie Jie attended to me. She also happens to be my consultant who'll help guide me through, book my appointments and what not.. She's non other than Yen Nee. 

She took me to Dr Felix who was a very friendly gentleman as well, he examined my skin and told me what's wrong then proceeded to prescribing me the specific products that I needed. Everything took literally less than 10 mins.

Yan Nee was very very friendly too, I was brought to a room and taught me how to use every single products. From cleansing all the way to sunblock. Being a vainpot, I already knew what I was suppose to do for the basics but it really doesn't harm to learn more! So if you happen to be one too and you're paying a visit, do just sit through it. Because they actually do have samples for you to test on the consistency of each product etc.

Alrighty, let's get into each products.

Dr Felix gave me 8 products, I was a little overwhelmed but I really wouldn't mind because I've never found skincare a chore. I was just shocked because he told me most guys usually dislike putting so much products and I was expecting to receive less than 5 HAHAHAH but them bam, here they are. Which is good, I hope? May these products save my face! 

Foaming Cleanser - 150ML ($40SGD)

Toner  - 150ML ($40SGD)

The cleanser and toner is pretty much the basic of all basics when it comes to skin care so I believe most of you already know what it does so I shall not go too in-depth about it. 

Comedone Formula - 30ML ($89SGD)

Apparently this is one of their most raved and famous products, comedone formula helps with dissolving and softening the black/white heads so it helps with easier extractions and also clearer pores. This, of course was told by Yan Nee that it isn't a miracle product. So don't think you apply already then wake up next day your entire black/white heads will be gone or dissolved away magically hor.

MAX-C - 30ML ($158SGD)

This, is also their famous product. A little bottle packed with loads of Vitamin C which would help you with skin tone balancing, making your face glow, lightning of scars and also making sure it's filled with goodness.

Hydrator - 300ML ($70SGD)

This is pretty much their moisturiser, I had a small pump on my hand when Yan Nee was going through the products with me and it's actually really really light.

Acne Spot Lotion - 5ML (30SGD)

Think it as a spot treatment, it helps to dry out any pimples and make it appear less red and swollen

Non Tinted Sunscreen - 50ML ($69SGD)

We all know the importance of sunscreen and if you haven't had this in your regime already, please do! The sun can cause so much damage, it's only when I see the negative effects of what the sun has done to my skin.. And I regretted, then I started on sunscreen. So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, do not leave this out.

Anti-Blemish Mask - 2OZ ($56SGD)

I was told to apply this on my face and leave it for an hour every once to twice a week. I believe it works very much like a clay/mud mask.. Just that, you've to leave it waaaaay longer than usual.

Total amount : $590.64/- incl. GST
I am very excited and nervous to start off my skin care regime with DrX products.. I would not give out any reviews yet, only because i've yet to use them long enough for results to be shown.. I would be documenting my skin journey every now and then on snapchat so do keep a lookout there!

But so far I've been quite glad with the service and products. If you do have any questions regarding my skin, or my trip down to DrX, do leave a comment or drop me an email anytime. I would be more than happy to answer any questions that I am able to. Otherwise, do give DRx Clinic a ring.

The DRx Clinic: 302 Orchard Road #16-01 Tong Building
Singapore 238862

May 1, 2015

Friday Morning



Hello folks, how's your long weekend going? For me, I really just don't feel like getting out of bed but I know I'll end up regretting that decision. I've also finally gotten the long waited 2 by 1 haircut, though it's not very obvious but which also means the last haircut in my camp as a trainee. I can't believe I am left with just 1 final week in camp (which is next week) before I have my pass out parade and then be sent to divisions. I have such mixed feelings about this, a part of me misses the life now but another part of me wants to venture to something new so badly.

April 26, 2015


Could only go around for an hour or two before the weather starts turning gloomy and I was then stuck with the rain for the next 2 hours because I was way too far from any public transport, mehhh. 

Been lazing on my bed for the last couple of hours but then again, this is how I usually spend my Sundays before booking into camp. Well 2 more weeks or so to go before I get to pass out, I really can't wait.

If you haven't already realise, I usually spend my Saturday going around places alone to snap photos. I find peace and joy in this solitude, I like how I am able to take pictures in my very own perspective to express the feelings that I can't put into words (maybe I just have a very limited vocab lol).

But yes, I pretty much enjoy going around alone because I don't feel oblige or a need to please the other person in going to places that we both agree in. I can just walk around aimlessly and turn into any alley without wondering if the other person would be interested.

Then again of course, I wouldn't mind having a photography buddy because it would be very much fun as we get to share our skills or places of interest. Hopefully someday I will meet that very person who happens to be on the same page as I am.

And yes in case you're wondering, the pretentious self shots of myself were all done with the help of the self-timer and i'm quite impressed with the angle. Trust me, I wouldn't be able to look that less awkward if there were someone behind the camera, haha. /self pat